New Functionality for 2Performant Advertisers

Mastering Traffic Sources

Maximize Your Reach and Impact with 2Performant's Advanced Feature


Feature Timeline

5 OCTOBER 2023

Functionality is active in the platform and you can select your preferences for all traffic sources


In the absence of a preference setting, all traffic sources will automatically default to YES


You can modify your preferences at any time but they will go through standard moderation. In some cases, notice period will apply.


What are the benefits of selecting your traffic source type preferences right away?






The quicker you set your preferences, the faster you guide affiliates to promote your brand effectively, reaching audiences that matter to you.

Define where your message appears, ensuring it resonates with the right audience for maximum impact.

Embrace the vast digital ecosystem, leveraging the expertise of affiliates who specialize in these traffic source types.

Affiliates appreciate clear guidance. Setting your preferences provides them a roadmap to success, eliminating guesswork.

Build stronger ties with your affiliates by streamlining communication and expectations.

Affiliate Traffic Souces

Types of Traffic Sources

Selecting your traffic source types preferences is crucial for effectively communicating with affiliates about the methods they can employ to promote your affiliate program. The traffic source type denotes the platform or medium that affiliates utilize to drive visitors & sales to your website. 


Google Ads - search

Affiliates target potential customers using specific keywords on Google's search ads, directing high intent users to the advertisers.

Google Ads - display

Affiliates use Google's display ads to promote advertisers on various websites, based on user interests and browsing behavior.

Google Ads - video

Affiliates create engaging video ads on YouTube and Google's network to introduce potential customers to advertisers.

Google Shopping Ads (CSS)

Affiliates use Google Shopping Ads through they’re own Comparison Shopping Services to directly promote advertisers' products, featuring price and retailer information, bringing high intent users to the site.

Facebooks Ads

Affiliates leverage Facebook Ads for targeted promotions based on detailed demographic info and user interests.

Bing Ads

Affiliates use Bing Ads to reach users on Microsoft's Bing search engine with keyword-targeted advertising.

TikTok Ads

On TikTok, affiliates create dynamic promotions reaching wide or targeted audiences, leveraging the platform's engaging format.


Affiliates run pay-per-click/view ads on various platforms, paying for user engagement to ensure diverse reach.

Socials (organic)

Facebook Profiles

Affiliates promote your brand on their personal Facebook profiles, reaching their network of friends.

Facebook Groups

Affiliates use Facebook groups they manage to promote your products, reaching specific communities and interest groups.

Facebook Pages

Affiliates promote your brand via their Facebook business pages, providing updates and engaging with their followers.

Instagram Profiles

Through posts or Stories on Instagram, affiliates visually promote products, often leveraging influencer marketing strategies.

YouTube Channels

Affiliates create promotional videos, tutorials, or reviews on YouTube featuring advertisers' products or services and add affiliate links in the video descriptions.

TikTok Profiles

Affiliates use TikTok's short videos to introduce and promote products to a wide audience.

Other Socials

Affiliates promote on various platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, reaching different demographics with platform-specific methods.

Website/special projects


Affiliates offer cash back on user purchases via their websites or apps, incentivizing users to buy through the affiliate's link.


Affiliates aggregate coupons or discount codes from multiple advertisers, incentivizing users to make purchases through the affiliate's link.

Promotions Aggregator

Affiliates aggregate various offers from multiple advertisers, driving traffic to the advertisers and encouraging purchases.

Price Comparison Services

Affiliates run sites or apps that compare product prices across retailers, driving informed traffic to the advertiser's site.

Product Aggregators

Affiliates collect and showcase products, providing visibility and driving traffic to the advertiser's offerings.

Generalist content sites

Affiliates embed promotions or affiliate links within diverse content, subtly driving affiliate traffic.

Review Sites

Affiliates run review sites, providing product evaluations and comparisons, and driving informed traffic to the advertiser's site.

User-Generated Sites/Forums

Affiliates manage and engage with online communities, subtly promoting products and services in posts or comments.


Affiliates use retargeting to serve personalized ads to users who've shown prior interest in the advertiser's product or service. For this, specific, retargeting codes, need to be installed on your site.


Need clarification?

What changes?

From now on, you will declare your preferences regarding traffic sources types through this dedicated section of the platform.
If there are any inconsistencies between what is selected in your Traffic Source Types preferences and what is mentioned in your Affiliate program description OR Terms of Service, your selection from Traffic Source Type preferences will represent the point of truth.

What do I need to do?

Log into your 2Performant affiliate program and select your preferences regarding Traffic Source Types.

Keep in mind that the most lucrative traffic source types, the ones that can bring you most sales, at the moment, are: Google Ads - search, Google Shopping Ads (CSS), Coupons/Vouchers sites and Cashbacks so we highly recommend selection YES on all of those.

What traffic sources should I choose?

We highly recommend accepting all Traffic Source Types. That way you can fully leverage the abilities and know-how of all affiliates in 2Performant.

Can I change traffic sources after my initial selection?

Yes, you can later change your Traffic Source Type preferences.

All changes will be subject to 2Performant moderation and all your affiliates will be notified of these changes.

In case you move from No to Yes/Maybe, the modification will take effect as soon as a

2Performant admin moderates your changes.
In case you move from Yes/Maybe to No, the change will take effect after a notice period equal to your cookie life, but no longer than 30 days.

Will this impact the growth of my results?

This will help affiliates find you faster and give them clarity in regards to how you want to be promoted.

Where can I read more about this?

In this article, we explore the essential aspects of managing traffic source type preferences for 2Performant Advertisers. These preferences dictate the methods affiliates can use to promote your affiliate program.

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